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AA Birdhouses.com

AA Birdhouses.com was founded as a resource for bird watchers world-wide consolidating various styles of bird houses in one place. Although we are just beginning with the Rustic style of birdhouse, we intend to include at least four styles by the first years end making this web site a comprehensive place to obtain housing for our fine feathered friends.



At the beginning of spring birds focus their attention and energy on building their nests. This can provide a great resource for enhancing the beauty of your yard/garden by adding flashes of color and the magnificent sound of song birds. You may want to supply your fine feathered friends a unique birdhouse or two as their own private places to nest. So, add a birdhouse or two to your yard/garden to enable those fine feathered friends to nest safely without the fear of natural predators. A birdhouse will also provide shelter and warmth to your fine feathered friends during heavy winds and vivacious storms.

As you browse through our birdhouses here at aabirdhouses.com, think creatively. Our birdhouses range in various colors and designs. The color and design is your choice. You might consider purchasing a birdhouse that will reflect your personal flair. Most birds arenít really as interested in the architectural design or color as in one that will provide safety, security and easy access.

The bird population in todayís world is diminishing due to the use of chemicals that are polluting the environment and their food supply. Birdhouses protect birds and coupled with some well-stocked feeders, they will find safety and security in the comforts of your backyard/garden. In return, they will bring your yard/garden to life with flashes of color, wonderful bird songs as well as some occasional comical amusement.

Birdhouses should be built well, durable, waterproof, cool in summer, warm in winter and easily accessible to birds. If youíre planning to purchase a birdhouse use your imagination by selecting a unique birdhouse that will add a touch of your own personal charm to your yard/garden.

Please, take your time browsing through our selection of birdhouses, and thanks for visiting aabirdhouses.com.

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